Gun Pr0n: Daddy LIKE!.

This is a Lee-Enfield No. 1 MkIII HT sniper variant of the old British WWI workhorse:

Now, I’m not normally a fan of the No. 1. I generally much prefer the No. 4 and No. 5 for their aesthetics.

But that’s just GORGEOUS. According to what I have seen, only about 1,500 of these ever got made, mostly with pre-1920’s actions. They were all made at Australia’s Lithgow armory.

I wonder what one of those beauties goes for these days? (H/T to commenter Marlon for the pointer.)

Still Working on that New Essay.

Lots of research into stuff I haven’t really looked into before.

Fascinating stuff. (Well, to me anyway.)

It’ll be a while.

Another Goblin Bites the Dust.

Presented without commentary. (Commentary may be forthcoming later):


For the second time in two months, an intruder breaks into the home of an elderly East St. Louis woman. The first time, she was beaten and robbed. This time, however, the woman was ready. 87-year-old Jacksie King fired three times and shot the intruder dead. The woman worked for a living up until she retired as a doctor’s office receptionist just four years ago. She was a crime victim in December and her daughter got her a gun to protect herself. Around 2:00am, she fired three rounds from the revolver, walked into the kitchen and waited for her daughter to get there. Her daughter Pamela said, “When I got here she was in the kitchen and the gun was on the kitchen table, and I asked her way the gun was there, and she said, ‘We had guests’.” The break-in was similar to the one in December. The intruder cut the phone line, removed bars from a side porch window and tried to crash through the front door of the modest home in the 2100 block of Gaty. 49-year-old Larry Tillman was killed in the incident. He had a long criminal history of residential burglaries and lived just six blocks from Jacksie’s home. Jacksie’s daughter is protecting her from the glare of the spotlight, but she’s obviously proud of the way her mother conducted herself. “People work all their lives for what little they have, and it’s not fair for anyone to try to take that away from them.” The Illinois state police investigated the shooting. They say they will not seek any charges against the gun-toting grandmother. During the last break-in, she ended up in Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Records show Tillman also had numerous armed robbery and drug charges.

Best Gunnie Posts of 2005.

I just sent a list of my nominations to Countertop.

Anarchangel: Superiority Complex

Ravenwood’s Universe: Wooing the Gun Grabbers

Random Nuclear Strikes: Dumb Hippies

South Park Pundit: Freaks and Geeks

Words: Bang

Thus Spracht ME: Visit from overseas

These are all posts that I found interesting or compelling enough to write my own posts on, or at least urge my readers to not miss. (They’re in chronological order, not ranked by how good I thought they were.)

Don’t forget to send your nominations to Countertop. His address is Countertop AT gmail DOT com. (You know how that works.)

And vote for Best Master Gunnie while you’re at it.

Quote of the Week: Beggin’ for a Fatwa!.

From Acidman:

It doesn’t take much to enrage a Muslim. You’d be enraged, too, if you had to wipe your ass on your finger all the time. (Especially if you used that same finger to pick your nose.)

He’s got a lot more to say along those lines. RTWT.

Gee, Ya THINK?.
Or: “I Can’t Complain, but Sometimes I Still Do”

Blogsnot’s been down since about 4:00 this afternoon. I’m amazed I can post this.

Assuming I can.

Countertop Chronicles has Opened Round Two of the Gunnies

While I neither expect nor desire to be elected “Best Master Gunnie,” he is also looking for nominations for “Best Post of 2005.”


Not to toot my own horn (while I toot my own horn…) but last January I did a post I’m pretty proud of that is all about gunnie stuff: Why Ballistic Fingerprinting Doesn’t (and Won’t) Work.

Yes, it’s incredibly long, but it’s packed fully of crunchy goodness. Can I self-nominate? (I’m normally not an attention-whore. Really. I swear.)

Quick Quote:.

Many people don’t realize that for every 100 vehicles GM sells in the U.S., we support 23 American jobs – twice as many as our foreign competitors. – Gary Cowger, GM Group VP, Global Manufacturing and Labor

Which would help explain why GM is hemorrhaging money. Sheesh.