Well, I found some Alliant Unique.

One e-tailer that I’ve found shows stock.  I’ve had an 8-lb. keg on order with my local Merchant O’Death since I got back from last year’s Gun Blogger Rendezvous.  No word on when I might ever see it.  Every other source I’ve checked shows no stock – Midway, Powder Valley, Natchez, Cabela’s, etc. etc. etc.

Except this one.  A couple of days ago, they showed that they had one (1) 8-lb. keg left in stock.  Today they show they have only three 1-lb. bottles.

The keg was $299.  The one-pounders are $42.49 each. That’s right at double what Unique cost a year ago.  (Plus, of course, the $28.50 HazMat charge and shipping costs.) 

People call this “gouging.”  I call it “Economics 101 – supply and demand.”  Had this e-tailer offered their stock at “normal” prices, they’d be out of stock just like everyone else.  By elevating the price, they still have some – for whoever is willing to pay. 

I’m not their guy. More power to you if you are.


Here’s another video, this one from the 2011 GBR VI:


Still working on getting registration set up, but soon!!

Quote of the Day – Cultural Conflict Edition

In response to this question over at

How many victims of a mass shooting would there have to be before an actual discussion of gun laws would be an appropriate reaction?

Comes this answer I wish I’d written myself:

When the number of gun deaths approaches the number of deaths by abortion, then gun owners will take anti-gun people as seriously as pro-choice people take pro-life people. Which is to say, not much.