Considering the fact that I’m upright and still breathing, I have a lot of thanks to give.  I thank all of the people at Mayo who took care of me. I thank my family for supporting and caring for me.  I thank the company I still work for.  And I thank all of you out there who prayed, wished me well, and even donated to the GoFundMe my daughter ran – that was pretty damned humbling, y’all. 

But most of all, I thank my wife for taking care of me throughout the last 23 years – and the last year especially. 

So this Thanksgiving think about all the gifts you have every day – a family to care for and care for you, a roof over your head, food on your table, a job to go to, and – especially – your health.  If you have these things, you are rich indeed.

And a further bit of advice: