A Pack, Not a Herd

Yes, it is important for all potential victims to be as dangerous as they can…  (Edited for a better story link.)

Victims Strip Suspect Naked, Take His Gun During Robbery In OKC


Several victims fought back against a suspect armed with a gun, leaving the man naked and injured outside an Oklahoma City hair salon.

Employees told police due to the busy holiday, they were working late at “Head Honchos” near N.E. 36th Street and Lottie. Just after midnight on Christmas Eve, a woman said a suspect identified as 23-year-old Corneilyus Howeth jumped into her car and pointed a gun at her.

The victim managed to call her brother, who was inside the hair salon just a few feet away. He rushed outside to help, but said Howeth pointed the gun at him and pushed him back into the salon. The victims said Howeth demanded all their money and kept asking for someone who wasn’t there.

A few moments later, someone else walked into the salon. Witnesses said Howeth turned to point the gun at the newcomer, and that’s when one of the victims tackled the suspect.

According to the police report, the two struggled over the weapon. The victim hit Howeth with a table leg, and another person in the salon jumped into the fight to help subdue Howeth. The victims told police they managed to take the gun from Howeth. They then stripped off his clothes, pushed him outside, and locked the door before telling someone to call 911.

The victims were not seriously injured. Howeth did sustain some minor injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment before being booked into the Oklahoma County jail for robbery with a firearm.

Here’s the perp:

I don’t think he was expecting that.

Firefly > Castle

Over at AR15.com in the “General Discussion” forum, someone posted that the short-lived TV Fox series Firefly is better than the ABC series Castle, both starring Nathan Fillion.

I had to share my response:

I’m a 51 year-old male. I watch Castle because of Stana Katic.

 photo Stana_Katic.jpg

And because I like Nathan Fillion as an actor. It’s not Firefly, but nothing else is or will ever be.


THIS sealed Firefly for me – from the pilot:

My reaction:


Happy New Year, y’all.