Quote of the Day – Jonah Goldberg Edition

From Ringing Out the Year with Liberal Double Standards:

If you work from the dogmatic assumption that liberalism is morally infallible and that liberals are, by definition, pitted against sinister and — more importantly — powerful forces, then it’s easy to explain away what seem like double standards. Any lapse, error or transgression by conservatives is evidence of their real nature, while similar lapses, errors and transgressions by liberals are trivial when balanced against the fact that their hearts are in the right place.

Which is basically a restating of Charles Krauthammer’s observation from 2002:

To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.

Read both articles.

Try Again. Or Rather, Don’t.

I received this via email:

Good afternoon,

My name is Brooks Clifford, I’m part of the online marketing team at http://nationalcarryacademy.com/ We provide classes, training and information to certify over 15,000 citizens with their conceal to carry permit each year. The reason I’m e-mailing you today is that we did some research and found you to be a highly regarded criminal defense attorney.

We wanted to ask if you would be interested in providing insight to our readers in the form of a blog once a quarter and in return we are happy to provide you a backlink to your website and add you to our “Additional Resource” page for clients in your state.

The benefits of having you guest blog for our website include: building high quality links back to your own website, increase visibility to your website, and building an audience through a new channel. We’re looking for fresh faces to write with our team to help build new perspectives as well as provide different point of views on a variety of topics related self defense and firearms law.

While we have a long list of topics to cover ourselves, we’d be more than open to any ideas you’d have on your own. Please contact me at [email protected] if you’d be interested in working together. I look forward to hearing back.


Brooks Clifford
CMO National Carry Academy

(Bold emphasis mine.)  I think they need to restaff their research department.


Christmas turkey No. 2, about 15 lbs.  One hour and fifty minutes in a 475°F oven:

 photo turkey_2014.jpg
That’s a pretty bird, folks.

Christmas turkey No. 1, about 14 lbs. has been delivered to my in-laws.  This one goes with us tomorrow to my parents’ house.

Still have quite a bit of cooking left to do today….

Good Marketing

Today in the mail I received two gifts from LuckyGunner.com, plus a nice Christmas card with a handwritten note from Anthony Welch.  One gift was this coffee mug:

 photo Gun_mug.jpg
The other was a gift card.

Wow.  The last thing I did with/for Lucky Gunner was review some of the Fiocchi primers they sell back in 2010, and I attended the machine gun shoot they sponsored in 2011.  They’ve sponsored the last several Gun Blogger Rendezvous, but I haven’t been deeply involved in that until this year.

Whoever they’ve got doing their internet marketing is not slacking.

Thank you, y’all.  And merry Christmas to you and yours.

Why Thomas Sowell is so Popular with Conservatives

Worth 50 minutes of your time:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdBn7MUM3Yo?rel=0]
Quote of the Day, from the end of the interview:

Peter Robinson: How’s my generation’s project of holding on to liberty coming along?

Thomas Sowell
: Not well. One of the reasons I’m glad to be as old as I am is that it means I may be spared seeing what’s going to happen to this country, either internally or as the result of international complications.

Robinson: You think that America’s greatest days are gone? Full stop? That it’s irreversible?

Sowell: Nothing is irreversible. But I think that we’re like a team that is coming to bat in the bottom of the ninth, five runs behind. We can win it, but this is not… I wouldn’t bet the rent money on it.

Robinson: Last question. What would you say – talking about Milton (Friedman) talking to my generation – what would you say to the next generation, to your grandchildren’s generation about the America for which they should be preparing themselves?

Sowell: Since I don’t know what that America is going to be, I don’t want to say anything to them. By the time they get here I think the issue will have been settled one way or the other.

Robinson: By then it will be irreversible.

Sowell: Either we will have pulled out of the dive, as it were, or else it will be all over.