Quote of the Day – Jennifer Fitz Edition

Ms. Fitz wrote an op-ed for Patheos entitled Feeling Pushed Towards Trump.  It’s an interesting piece, but this quote is what leaped out at me:

From the right, I continue to see the usual callous indifference to the lives of ordinary people, but it’s just indifference.  The message I am getting from the left is that I am a target they mean to destroy.

I’m not real comfortable with that.

Nor should she be.  Nor should anyone.

Too Little, Too Late Most Probably

This is interesting.  Quoting from Instapundit:

REPORT ON BIDEN’S ACTIVITIES WITH CHINA. “First, it is almost exclusively taken from public sources and documentation. Everything from Chinese news reports to corporate records. The report is immaculately cited so that anyone who wishes to replicate where a specific piece of information was found or see the underlying documentation can do so.”

The full report is here. Looks like lots of stuff for investigative journalists to run with, if there are any of those left.

Redstate picked it up, but you can bet nobody in major media will touch it, and Facebook and Twitter will do everything they can to suppress it.

I Voted Today

 Two weeks before Election Day, and there were at least eight people there at the same time, voting, plus there were collection boxes outside for people who had received mail-in ballots to drop off.

But I parked right next to this:

It’s not a Prius?!? 

I can’t IMAGINE a more appropriate vanity license plate.

So This Popped Up in my Facebook Feed….


Am I concerned about right-wing extremists?  No.  I’m concerned about the LEFT-wing extremists.  They’ve already trashed and burned down major portions of several cities, they’ve announced that they’ll really get violent if Trump wins re-election, they’re threatening Trump supporters with retaliation, etc.

Am I concerned about right-wing extremists?  No.  But LEFT-wing extremists should be.

Quote of the Day – Michael Walsh Edition

From his column “Held Captive by Pandemic Lies” at Epoch Times (paywall), copied from the excerpt at Instapundit:

In previous pandemics, the bug was allowed to burn its way through the body politic, its toll just part of the cost of being human. So what’s different about this seasonal malady?

For one thing, it’s occurring in an election year, at the start of which the American economy was firing on all cylinders in a way it hasn’t in decades. When President Trump’s political enemies realized the Covid shutdown could be wielded as a wrecker’s ball against the American and global economies, they jumped at the chance.

For another, a society that has moved from “pay any price, bear any burden” to “if it saves just one life” is no longer capable of facing or dealing with reality.

As they used to say, “WORD.”

Is This When Biden Gets Torricelli’d?

Back in March I predicted that Joe Biden would not be the Democrat candidate on the ballot November 3.  I cited as precedent the 2002 Senate campaign of New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli.  When it became obvious that Torricelli, under criminal investigation, was not going to win that race, the DNC – in direct violation of election laws for the state of New Jersey – replaced him on the ticket with former Senator Frank Lautenberg.  The RNC appealed.  The New Jersey Supreme Court rubber-stamped it.

Lautenberg won.

I predicted that Cuomo would get tapped.  He still might! 

There’s 15 days to November 3 as I write this.  It’s still not too late!

(I write this half in jest.  But only half.)