Quote of the Day – Michael Walsh Edition

From his column “Held Captive by Pandemic Lies” at Epoch Times (paywall), copied from the excerpt at Instapundit:

In previous pandemics, the bug was allowed to burn its way through the body politic, its toll just part of the cost of being human. So what’s different about this seasonal malady?

For one thing, it’s occurring in an election year, at the start of which the American economy was firing on all cylinders in a way it hasn’t in decades. When President Trump’s political enemies realized the Covid shutdown could be wielded as a wrecker’s ball against the American and global economies, they jumped at the chance.

For another, a society that has moved from “pay any price, bear any burden” to “if it saves just one life” is no longer capable of facing or dealing with reality.

As they used to say, “WORD.”

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