Going to Boomershoot 2024

I pulled the trigger, so to speak, tonight and reserved site 57 on the berm for Boomershoot 2024. This will be my third trip. My first was 2009 and second 2016. I’ll be taking the .300WM Remington 700 5R, and probably my Ruger Precision in .308. Possibly the Power Tool again, too.

I’m right next to a friend on site 58, so we can spot for each other, but there’s space available if you want to join me.

The shoot is May 3-5 in Orofino, Idaho, and it starts off with a BOOM!

Existential Threats

The dictionary definition of “existential” is “relating to existence,” so an “existential threat” to something is a threat to its existence. Another Chicxulub meteor impact is an existential threat to most life on Earth.

An existential threat justifies extraordinary actions, including but not limited to lawbreaking, violation of mores, etc. An armed robber is an existential threat to you. Killing that robber is justified by the seriousness of the threat. It’s homicide, but not murder to defend yourself when threatened.

“Global Climate Change” is pushed as an existential threat to all life on Earth, so apparently gluing yourself to a roadway or splashing tomato soup on classic paintings is wholly justified. So is sabotage and arson of construction equipment.

Jeffery Epstein was an existential threat to a lot of very powerful people.

So when you see headlines like this, you have to wonder what people will be willing to do to stop that existential threat:

Trump Movement Poses ‘Existential Threat’ to America: NYT Editorial Board – Newsweek

Biden argues Trump is an existential threat to America – ABC News

Donald Trump Is an Existential Threat to America and the World – Time

Why Donald Trump poses an existential threat to the future of the Republican Party | CNN Politics

Trump Is an Existential Threat – New York Times

Trump an Existential Threat: Messina on 2024 Polling – Bloomberg

Public intellectual Sam Harris, who is a philosopher, neuroscientist and author, was on a podcast wherein he defended the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story. This man who advocates for Truth and Reason argued that it was a good thing that the story was suppressed, but he went even further:

Absolutely it was. Absolutely. But I think it was warranted. I don’t care what’s in Hunter Biden’s laptop. At that point, Hunter Biden literally could have had the corpses of children in his basement. I would not have cared.

“He then pivoted to an outlandish analogy that compared keeping Trump from winning a second term to working to ‘deflect’ an ‘asteroid hurtling toward Earth.'” (Source: New York Post.)

See what I mean?

So, SWAT raids on his home? Warranted.

Treason accusations? Warranted.

Rape accusations? Warranted.

Bogus prosecutions? Warranted.

And none of this is apparently working. He gets more popular every day.

So, if he’s an existential threat and none of that is working, what’s next? Who’s willing to do what to deflect this asteroid?

I guess those Sweet Meteor of Death memes were kinda right.