The Free Ice Cream Machine

As you’ve possibly noticed, the TSM free ice cream machine has been on the fritz for a bit.  That’s going to continue to be the case for the next couple of weeks, I think, as I deal with some work issues and some personal stuff.  I may throw some stuff up in the mean time, but I promise:  when I come back there’s going to be an epic-length überpost.

Not Feelin’ It

Another free ice cream machine update.

I’ve been spending a lot of hours on jobsites recently, with corresponding 12+ hour days and/or being out of town.  The last hotel I stayed at, I asked the desk clerk what I needed to get logged onto their WiFi network.  “Luck,” she said.

She wasn’t kidding.  Two days with only my iPhone for internet access.  (I could make a Phillip Seymour Hoffman joke here, but I’m not that tasteless.  Really.  No, really.)

As a consequence, I’ve been reading more – not up to the levels I have maintained in the past, but more than I’ve managed over the previous few months.  Over just the last week I finished Harvey Silverglate’s Three Felonies a Day:  How the Feds Target the Innocent, Stephen Hunter’s The Third Bullet, and I blasted through Marko Kloos’ Lines of Departure Sunday and Monday.  I read his short-story Lucky Thirteen at lunch today.

Now, at my wife’s insistence, I am starting Divergent, by Veronica Roth.

The stack on my headboard keeps getting taller.

And the tumbleweeds blow through this blog.


The first rule of blogging is “post something every day.” 

Yeah, right.

I’ve been really busy with work and some extracurricular activities and haven’t had much of an urge to put pixel to flatscreen recently, so sorry about that.  I’m even sorrier to admit that things don’t look to improve much in the near future, either, so once again the free ice cream machine is on the fritz.

Things will resume when they resume.  Not making any promises at this point.

Ice Cream Machine is Broken

Sorry about the recent lack of posting, especially original content.  I’m working on an überpost on political civility, but it’ll be a while before it’s done.  The link-hunting is like drinking from a fire hose again, and each click takes me on a wiki-wander into Never-Neverland.

I’m reminded why I don’t write these things as often anymore as I used to.

So, for your entertainment, please let me point you to Texts from Superheroes.  One of these made me literally laugh until tears came, and there are PAGES of them!

Falling Down on the Job

First rule of blogging:  Post Something Every Day.

I’ve been busy with work.  Three days in a row in Phoenix, leaving at 0500 and not getting home until well after 1700.  Too burned out to post.

Free ice cream machine is on the blink.  Read the archives or somebody else.  I’ll get back to this thing sooner or later.


From the comments to this post.  I’ll just leave this here:


Thanks.  I needed that.