Not Feelin’ It

Another free ice cream machine update.

I’ve been spending a lot of hours on jobsites recently, with corresponding 12+ hour days and/or being out of town.  The last hotel I stayed at, I asked the desk clerk what I needed to get logged onto their WiFi network.  “Luck,” she said.

She wasn’t kidding.  Two days with only my iPhone for internet access.  (I could make a Phillip Seymour Hoffman joke here, but I’m not that tasteless.  Really.  No, really.)

As a consequence, I’ve been reading more – not up to the levels I have maintained in the past, but more than I’ve managed over the previous few months.  Over just the last week I finished Harvey Silverglate’s Three Felonies a Day:  How the Feds Target the Innocent, Stephen Hunter’s The Third Bullet, and I blasted through Marko Kloos’ Lines of Departure Sunday and Monday.  I read his short-story Lucky Thirteen at lunch today.

Now, at my wife’s insistence, I am starting Divergent, by Veronica Roth.

The stack on my headboard keeps getting taller.

And the tumbleweeds blow through this blog.

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