On My Way to Knoxvegas

I’m sitting in the Tucson airport waiting to board my first flight from here to Dallas.  Blogger was bloggered yesterday, so I couldn’t work in the next uberpost.  That’s going to be a few days, as I expect this weekend to be busy.  I have a camera, though, so I hope I will be posting photos and video of the shoot.

Should be a fun weekend!


I haven’t used the “blogger sucks” tag in quite a while, but it appears at the moment that Blogger has eaten my last post from Thursday. Hopefully they’ll be restored at some point (I’m fearing that Blogger’s last backup has been corrupted), but I’m not counting on it.

Thankfully, one post I have in draft survived whatever happened yesterday. It’ll be going up tomorrow, assuming that it doesn’t get bloggered before then.

Oh well, anything free is worth what you pay for it.

UPDATE:  It’s back.  That’s good.

Really, for a free service, Blogger started off sucky but it’s gotten a lot better over time.  This is the first major problem I can recall in the last couple of years, and Blogger is hardly the only platform to have problems.  As noted in the comments to the post Busy below, Doc Russia is having issues with his host, and his blog Bloodletting has been unavailable for some time now.

Update on the Comment Import Saga

I received this from Disqus tech support this afternoon:


The reason why these comments from Echo aren’t importing is because they aren’t given a URL to link the comment to, unfortunately. We’d love to be able to offer a way to bring them in, but for now it’s not possible with this format. We’ve opened a ticket with our development team for any possible ideas of how to do this, but it’s still in the planning phases.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience, we know it’s important to import your existing comments, so hang onto those files.

Thanks again for using Disqus

So apparently the export files from Echo/JS-Kit don’t have identifying tags that Disqus can recognize. But Chris Byrne was able to successfully import his comments. I’m alone in having fvcked-up export files?


Google: Still Evil

Google: Still Evil

As most of you probably know, Google bought Blogsnot awhile back. Google also agreed to censor the web for those accessing it from China, at the insistence of the Chinese government.

I discovered something fascinating (in a creepy way) tonight. When I write a post, I put the title for it in a block marked “Title,” then repeat it as the header to the body of my post. The “Title” space, I suppose, goes out to RSS feeds and such, but if I don’t repeat the title in the body, you won’t see it. Whatever goes in the “Title” block is made part of the URL for that post, assuming, of course, that the title isn’t as long as many of my posts are. It’s truncated at twenty letters or so, and “the” and “a” are dropped out. My post last week “Made as China, Norinco”, should have carried a URL that reads:


It does not.

Google truncated the link to http://smallestminority.blogspot.com/2009/02/made-as.html

The words “China” and “Norinco” were redacted.

Kinda makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?

Working on a LONG Post.

Which just got eaten by a Firefox crash. And I was depending on Blogger’s autobackup to save me. Guess not. Dammit.

Y’all will just have to wait a bit longer.

You would think after five years I’d learn to BACK UP MY WORK. But noooooooo!

OK, So, I Switched.

This is the first post at TSM using the new Blogger.

So how do I get rid of the fv*king “Nav Bar” at the top of the page? On the old blogger there was an option to delete it. Not on the new one! You can choose what color it is, but there’s no “delete” option.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

P.S. – Where the hell are my archives?!?!?

UPDATE: OK, that’s fixed, I guess, but I can see I need to do a whole lot of clean-up and maintenance stuff. Dammit.

Comments? We Don’t Need No Steenkin’ Comments!

Apparently Blogger has moved me onto the new servers, and thus my comment function (unused to date anyway) has bitten the dust.

Maybe I’ll put it back on later.

I’m working on my debate response now.