Google: Still Evil

Google: Still Evil

As most of you probably know, Google bought Blogsnot awhile back. Google also agreed to censor the web for those accessing it from China, at the insistence of the Chinese government.

I discovered something fascinating (in a creepy way) tonight. When I write a post, I put the title for it in a block marked “Title,” then repeat it as the header to the body of my post. The “Title” space, I suppose, goes out to RSS feeds and such, but if I don’t repeat the title in the body, you won’t see it. Whatever goes in the “Title” block is made part of the URL for that post, assuming, of course, that the title isn’t as long as many of my posts are. It’s truncated at twenty letters or so, and “the” and “a” are dropped out. My post last week “Made as China, Norinco”, should have carried a URL that reads:

It does not.

Google truncated the link to

The words “China” and “Norinco” were redacted.

Kinda makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?

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