I haven’t used the “blogger sucks” tag in quite a while, but it appears at the moment that Blogger has eaten my last post from Thursday. Hopefully they’ll be restored at some point (I’m fearing that Blogger’s last backup has been corrupted), but I’m not counting on it.

Thankfully, one post I have in draft survived whatever happened yesterday. It’ll be going up tomorrow, assuming that it doesn’t get bloggered before then.

Oh well, anything free is worth what you pay for it.

UPDATE:  It’s back.  That’s good.

Really, for a free service, Blogger started off sucky but it’s gotten a lot better over time.  This is the first major problem I can recall in the last couple of years, and Blogger is hardly the only platform to have problems.  As noted in the comments to the post Busy below, Doc Russia is having issues with his host, and his blog Bloodletting has been unavailable for some time now.

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