Arm the Wimmin! Part II

Yesterday Rachel linked to The Love/Hate Relationship Between Women and Guns, Part One post, and now Courtney has up Part II.

She asks an interesting question in Part II:

“Traditionally the female is attracted to the strong male who makes a bunch of money (breadwinner, protector), and the male is attracted to the sweet, chaste female (caregiver, baby-maker). However, more often it seems men are finding very successful women sexy. Women who pull in a huge salary or have a lot of power become sexually charged.

Men, do you find this sexy?”

Um, yeah.

But it’s not the guns, or the implied power. It’s the self-confidence. She is no shrinking-violet. (I guess, though, that is a form of power. Or at least a rejection of weakness.)

Go read the post. Read both of ’em. Interesting.

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