Sometimes I Wish I Could Draw…

I can see the perfect image for a political cartoon describing the coming media frenzy over the civilian deaths in Haditha, Iraq. It would be a trench-coated figure with a “PRESS” badge in his fedora and a scourge in his hand, a look of savage glee on his face. But instead of self-flagellation – an act of contrition and shame – a U.S. Marine would stand, ripped and bloody, between the jagged tips of the whip and the reporter’s back. And the pair would be standing on a brightly lit stage, surrounded by the world media, with jihadists in the background dancing in the blood of the slain.

The media isn’t ashamed of the possible criminal actions of a few Marines in Iraq. The media no longer sees itself as being part of America. Instead, it’s salivating over another chance to trumpet to the world how evil the United States is.

And I for one and sick to death of it.

UPDATE: It’s the foreign press, but here’s Exhibit A.

FURTHER UPDATE: I hereby retract the previous update.

Mea culpa.

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