Quick! Somebody Tell the Cult™!

Instapundit links this fascinating news:

One-fourth of Democrats think Jesus will ‘definitely return’ in 40 years

Thanks to the Pew Research Center, we now may have an idea who is buying up all those “Left Behind” books. Many of them appear to be … Democrats?

Yes, that’s right. As part of a larger survey about Americans’ predictions for the next 40 years, just over 1,500 people were asked whether they thought that Jesus Christ would return to the earth during that timeframe. Interestingly enough, it is self-identified Democrats who appear to have more certitude that this will happen than Republicans.

According to the poll, 26% of Democrats believe that the Second Coming “will definitely” happen within the next four decades. In comparison 19% of Republicans believe this.

But, but, I thought it was the Republicans who were the Bible-hugging knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who clung to their guns and religion, and it was the Democrats who were all scientisty and stuff! (Read the whole thing. Really interesting.)

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