Despair and Utter Hopelessness

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In August of 1979, actor/director/writer/comedian/pedophile Woody Allen had a piece published in the New York Times entitled My Speech to the Graduates. For those old enough to remember, this was immediately before the election that year and Ronald Reagan was running against incumbent Jimmy Carter. The piece began with these lines:

“More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”

Yes, it’s a funny line but remember what was being shown on TV campaign ads. Ronald Regan was going to get us into nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Carter might lead to despair and utter hopelessness, but a Regan Presidency meant total extinction. Choose well.

Flash forward to 2016. Once again we were told we had that same choice. Hillary Clinton might lead us to despair and utter hopelessness, but Trump promised total extinction.

Odd that in both cases the dire predictions did not come true but regardless, in the long run neither the election of Regan in 1979 nor the election of Trump in 2016 stopped or significantly slowed the Long March towards despair and utter hopelessness.

The end of that march seems to be approaching ever more rapidly.

Earlier this month a Twitter contributor and podcaster named Darryl Cooper writing as @MartyrMade on Twitter published a 35-Tweet long examination of why Trump supporters believe that the 2020 election was stolen. It’s worth reading if you haven’t already. I’m only going to quote two of the Tweets here:

“The reaction of Trump ppl to all this was not, “no fair!” That’s how they felt about Romney’s “binders of women” in 2012.

(Or the deliberate lie that he hadn’t paid income taxes. – Ed.)

This is different. Now they see, correctly, that every institution is captured by ppl who will use any means to exclude them from the political process.”

“They were led down some rabbit holes, but they are absolutely right that their gov’t is monopolized by a Regime that believes they are beneath representation, and will observe no limits to keep them getting it. Trump fans should be happy he lost; it might’ve kept him alive.”

After the shock of the election and for the better part of five years that Regime did everything in its power – short of assassination – to prevent Trump from being sworn in, and afterwards to restrict his ability to do his job and to keep him from completing his first term.

There was no way on Earth they were going to allow him to have a second.

The Regime isn’t exclusively the Democratic Party, or even just the Progressive Left. It’s an amalgamation of oligarchs and useful idiots on both sides of the political aisle, both in and out of government.

Professor Angelo Codevilla is professor emeritus of international relations at the Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, a former U.S. Navy officer, foreign service officer, and professional staff member of the Select Committee on Intelligence of the United States Senate and has written extensively about the political changes in the United States over the last few decades. I strongly recommend you read his 2010 essay America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution. However in a 2013 interview he gave an interesting explanation of just who “the Ruling Class” actually includes:

(T)he Democrats (are) the senior partners in the ruling class. The Republicans are the junior partners. The reason being that the American ruling class was built by or under the Democratic Party. First, under Woodrow Wilson and then later under Franklin Roosevelt. It was a ruling class that prized above all its intellectual superiority over the ruled. And that saw itself as the natural carriers of scientific knowledge, as the class that was naturally best able to run society and was therefore entitled to run society. The Republican members of the ruling class aspire to that sort of intellectual status or reputation. And they have shared a taste of this ruling class. But they are not part of the same party, and as such, are constantly trying to get closer to the senior partners. As the junior members of the ruling class, they are not nearly as tied to government as the Democrats are. And therefore, their elite prerogatives are not safe.

In the aforementioned “America’s Ruling Class” essay, Codevilla says, in relation to the bank bailouts resulting after the 2008 housing market crash:

When this majority discovered that virtually no one in a position of power in either party or with a national voice would take their objections seriously, that decisions about their money were being made in bipartisan backroom deals with interested parties, and that the laws on these matters were being voted by people who had not read them, the term “political class” came into use. Then, after those in power changed their plans from buying toxic assets to buying up equity in banks and major industries but refused to explain why, when they reasserted their right to decide ad hoc on these and so many other matters, supposing them to be beyond the general public’s understanding, the American people started referring to those in and around government as the “ruling class.” And in fact Republican and Democratic office holders and their retinues show a similar presumption to dominate and fewer differences in tastes, habits, opinions, and sources of income among one another than between both and the rest of the country. They think, look, and act as a class.

In his Twitter thread Cooper speaks, 280 characters or fewer at a time, of the unconstitutional election law changes, the media’s coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop story, the Department of Justice’s illegal spying on a Presidential candidate using fabricated evidence and lies to get warrants, of public officials claiming in public that they’d seen incontrovertible evidence, then under sworn testimony that they in fact did not, and of Time Magazine crowing about the “conspiracy” to “fortify the election” by government, media and private sector individuals using both private and government funds. The end result being that a significant portion of the American public no longer trusts the government – legislatures both State and federal, the President, governors or mayors, the three-letter Federal agencies, the Courts or the election process. Nor do they trust what was once known as “the Fourth Estate,” the media, now considered a Fifth Column and with good reason.

Victor Davis Hanson, former Professor of Classics for the University of California, current Senor Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, historian, author and columnist, has a thorough understanding of history, both ancient and modern, and a gimlet eye towards modern trends. Professor Hanson has been keeping tabs on the decaying social structure of the US and the world for years in op-eds, books and speeches. Generally he tries to explain what is happening today with reference to history, in a “we’ve been here before, here we are again” kind of way, but one of his most recent pieces is a dark departure. The American Descent into Madness is a disturbing read, but I can’t refute any of his points. The subtitle of the piece is “America went from the freest country in the world in December of 2019 to a repressive and frightening place by July 2021. How did that happen?” It’s a good question. The answer should have you nodding your head and loading your firearms. Excerpt:

“In the last six months, we have seen absurdities never quite witnessed in modern America. Madness, not politics, defines it. There are three characteristics of all these upheavals. One, the events are unsustainable. They will either cease or they will destroy the nation, at least as we know it. Two, the law has largely been rendered meaningless. Three, left-wing political agendas justify any means necessary to achieve them.”

Which is precisely the same language as Darryl Cooper’s reference to a government “monopolized by a Regime that believes they are beneath representation, and will observe no limits to keep them getting it,” and Codevilla’s explanation of the “Ruling Class.”

He refers to the mass influx of illegal aliens (yes, I said the verboten phrase) across our Southern border and contrasts it to the strong COVID restrictions laid upon American citizens and legal residents: “Note how the administration applies standards to its own citizens that it does not apply to foreign nationals illegally entering the country.”

He talks about skyrocketing crime – and how it is concentrated in Democratically-ruled urban enclaves, places that haven’t seen a Republican governor, mayor or city council member in decades (it would appear that at least the Junior Partners manage things a bit better):

“Scarier still is the realization that if one is robbed, assaulted, or finds one’s car vandalized, it is near certain the miscreant will never be held to account. Either the police have pulled back and find arrests of criminals a lose-lose situation, or radical big-city district attorneys see the law as a critical legal theory construct, and thus will not enforce it. Or the criminal will be arrested and released within hours.”

This is not sustainable either.

That paragraph though reminded me of something from a while back:

Professor Hanson, July 2021:

“So a subculture has developed among Americans, of passing information about where in the country it is safe, where it is not, and where one can go, where one cannot. This is clearly not America, but something bizarre out of Sao Paulo, Durban, or Caracas.”

In 2003/04 blogger TheGeekWithA.45 wrote some insightful things now being illustrated daily. From November of 2003:

Societies Gone Mad

To the people of my parent’s generation, World War II was a reality that they had lived through, and not a bunch of black and white movies starring John Wayne.

Books upon books were written on the subject, to help them digest and understand just how it was that something of that magnitude could actually happen, how it was that an entire European society could go insane and do what it did. (As for the Japanese society, it was insane to begin with, and thus more easily understood)

Yes, as politically incorrect as it is, I stand by what I just said:

“Entire Societies Can and Have Gone Stark Raving Batshit Fucking Insane.”

For some, it was brief and temporary, and for others, it was more or less a permanent state of affairs.

You can quote your moral relativism and chide me for my white male euro/christo/judeo centrism, but I will never, ever, ever, ever accept that it’s perfectly OK for a society to commit genocide, mass rape, enslave and/or execute conquered military and civilian people, as a matter of that society’s normal operating procedure. That is the very definition of a high end insane society.

I don’t think so much that the shock was such that savagery in a society could exist, for the people of my parents generation recognized that savagery did exist. I’ll admit, they may have passed out the label too injudiciously in cases, but at least they didn’t deny its reality. What shocked them was that an allegedly “civilized” society could go south so quickly.

“People are moving away from certain states: not because they’ve got a job offer, not because they want to be closer to family, but because the state they are living in doesn’t measure up to the level of freedom they believe is appropriate for Americans. We are internal refugees.”

The fact that things have gone so far south in some places that people actually feel compelled to move the fuck out should frighten the almighty piss out of you.

Ten or fifteen years ago, I would’ve dismissed that notion, that people were relocating themselves for freedom within America as the wild rantings of a fringe lunatic, but today, I’m looking for a real estate agent.

It is a symptom of a deep schism in the American scene, one that has been building bit by bit for at least fifty, and probably more like seventy years, and whose effects are now visibly bubbling to the surface.

Just open your eyes and take a long look around you.”

I would say the parallels are chilling if only they were unexpected.

From a January 2004 post by TheGeek I managed to save some of:

We, who studied the shape and form of the machines of freedom and oppression, have looked around us, and are utterly dumbfounded by what we see.

We see first that the machinery of freedom and Liberty is badly broken. Parts that are supposed to govern and limit each other no longer do so with any reliability.

We examine the creaking and groaning structure, and note that critical timbers have been moved from one place to another, that some parts are entirely missing, and others are no longer recognizable under the wadded layers of spit and duct tape. Other, entirely new subsystems, foreign to the original design, have been added on, bolted at awkward angles.

We know the tools and mechanisms of oppression when we see them. We’ve studied them in depth, and their existence on our shores, in our times, offends us deeply. We can see the stirrings of malevolence, and we take stock of the damage they’ve caused over so much time.

Others pass by without a second look, with no alarm or hue and cry, as if they are blind, as if they don’t understand what they see before their very eyes. We want to shake them, to grasp their heads and turn their faces, shouting, “LOOK! Do you see what this thing is? Do you see how it might be put to use? Do you know what can happen if this thing becomes fully assembled and activated?”

I used those excerpts in a post I titled “While Evils are Sufferable” from September of 2004. The paragraph immediately preceding that excerpt I wrote:

We’re headed toward tyranny because we won’t look at it. The signs are all there, but we won’t admit to ourselves that it’s possible. I have to agree with the Left on one thing: bloody oppression of our rights is coming, eventually. I just think it’s equally likely to be at their hands as at the hands of the Right. For decades now our government has been constructing the individual mechanisms of it, as the Geek with a .45 once wrote eloquently about.”

And I’m still quoting him today. But we can’t not look at it anymore, as Prof. Hanson shows. It’s being shoved in our faces on a daily basis with the message “Nothing to see here, move along. Conform. Obey.” The tools and mechanisms of oppression are now nearly fully assembled, and are being ever more rapidly activated.

The Regime has been spending money we cannot ever pay back – the bank bailouts weren’t the first example – and the rate of spending is accelerating. The current National Debt is $28.5 trillion dollars and climbing. That’s $28,500,000,000,000, more than $85,000 per man, woman and child in the nation (not including the aforementioned illegal aliens). And they’re planning on spending another what, six trillion this year alone? This is unsustainable and everyone knows it, but federal spending is how votes get bought, and as Thomas Sowell observed, the #1 problem of politicians is getting elected. Problem #2 is getting re-elected, and whatever is #3 is WAY down the list, but this reckoning cannot be put off forever. You can deny reality for a while, but you can’t deny the consequences.

The Regime made up the “Russian Collusion” narrative and used it to spy on an opposition candidate, and afterward an opposition President. They used that excuse to vilify anyone associated with the Administration in order to limit that administration’s ability to carry out its agenda.

The Regime made up a narrative of drunken teenage sexual assault to prevent a Supreme Court nominee from being confirmed, and the media spread the lies to the point that a significant portion of the population believes it. It’s not like that was a new thing. They’d done something similar to Clarence Thomas.

The Regime exploited a false narrative that police officers deliberately hunt and murder black men. They encouraged the “mostly peaceful” protests that burned sections of cities to the ground after they were first looted. They discouraged law enforcement and refused to prosecute the perpetrators. The “Defund the Police” movement and subsequent changes to laws relating to use of force have caused many good officers to quit or retire, leaving behind…?

Oh, and mass protests without masks was OK during the Pandemic because the cause was just. But if you want to kayak off the shore in California by yourself, you’re going to get arrested and thrown in close proximity with others in a holding cell. But that’s OK. If you’re convicted they’ll probably let you go home because of the risk of contracting COVID in incarceration.

Five governors put COVID-infected elderly into retirement homes, resulting in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. Gov. Cuomo wrote a book about what a good job he did handling COVID and won an Emmy, but we’re supposed to ignore all those deaths on his watch and by his orders.

Meanwhile, Gov. Ron DeSantis, governing a state with comparable population to New York and a similar if not greater number of elderly didn’t enforce draconian restrictions and didn’t put infected elderly into nursing homes. Now the media treat him as An Enemy of the State, though Florida’s outcome was far better than New York’s.

The Regime worked with industry and media to spread their narratives and gaslight the American public, and they’re not at all apologetic over it. They’re shocked that it didn’t work as expected. As CNN talking head Mika Brzezinski has pointed out, controlling what people think is the media’s job. They’ve lost control of The Narrative and it frightens them.

And now The Regime has declared that basically anyone who supported Donald Trump, anyone who waves an American flag without trampling and burning it, anyone who objects to .gov action on Constitutional grounds, basically anyone who drives or would drive a pickup truck, own an AR-15 or object to the status quo is a “Right-wing extremist.” And it has declared that Right-wing extremists – all of them by definition racist, misogynist, xenophobic homophobes – are the “greatest threat” to “American democracy,” especially as they support making a repeat of 2020 as difficult as possible.

As Stalin said when he channeled Joe Biden, “I don’t care who votes, I only care who counts the votes.” When you can control who counts the votes, you don’t have to buy them anymore. This is important when you no longer CAN buy them anymore.

To this end, they have done everything in their power to silence Donald Trump, and are now experimenting with ways to silence anyone opposed to the The Regime’s aims. Effective online opponents are demonetized and/or deplatformed. One of the most popular Reddit boards was terminated because it was explicitly pro-Trump. An entire social media platform was booted off the Internet for daring to allow opposition speech. They want desperately to disarm their opposition and are looking for any excuse to seize the power necessary to do so that won’t cause too much public backlash, because when the shit finally hits the fan they want to control the guns AND the people who wield them. There are, by many estimates, 500 million to nearly a billion firearms in private hands, most of which aren’t registered anywhere. Good luck with that, but then again, reality hasn’t meant much to them for quite a while.

They have purged the officer ranks of our military of warfighters in favor of the reliably Politically Correct, and are now doing the same thing to the enlisted ranks. As a result, our Navy is a public shambles, and who knows about the other branches? They put fences, razor wire and ideologically-vetted National Guardsmen around the Capitol after the January 6 protest they INSIST was an “Insurrection,” but their weapons were empty. As someone noted, had that ACTUALLY been an insurrection, you would have been able to tell by the astonishing number of Special Elections that followed it.

They’re playing with a powder keg.

In May of 2009 I asked Bill Whittle to pen a modern version of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. To my shock he responded, but unfortunately in the negative. Why did I do that? Because as someone once noted, There is no coherent and cohesive philosophy behind the opposition to the Progressive Left or the Regime. At the beginning of 1776 the thirteen colonies of Britain were populated with British citizens, subjects of the Crown and of the belief that the current unpleasantness could be worked out. After Common Sense hit the stands, selling some hundred thousand copies to a population of perhaps three million people, they were British no more. They were Americans. They shared a philosophy of freedom.

We don’t have that today, and without it we run the risk of chaos and slaughter unlike anything seen before, with only dictatorship to follow. One more link: On July 20 Lindell Denham, a writer at Global Liberty Media, published an interesting piece entitled “Mad Max” and the Thin Veneer of Civilization. I recommend the whole essay, but this is the point of it: “Civilization may be miles wide, but its depth is measured in inches.” AKA: “Entire societies can and have gone stark raving batshit fucking insane.”

“Civilization” isn’t buildings and farmland and infrastructure. Civilization is the rules people follow to live together without killing one another too often, and those rules are being ignored, bent, shattered – all around the world but disturbingly here at home. The Progressive Left has been hard at work since at least the 1920’s making sure that the structures of Western Civ were destroyed from within. They’ve succeeded. A new “Common Sense” wouldn’t have the same effect now and for several reasons, the first being:

First, the colonists were overwhelmingly farmers and in jobs that supported farming. They all knew how hard it was to eke out a living, and how close to the edge they all lived. Prof. Hanson notes the insanity of the modern Left, and he notes that this insanity is tolerated. We have the luxury to tolerate insanity. Look at Los Angeles and San Francisco. The colonists did not. Second, the colonists were overwhelmingly literate. Estimates of between 70% to nearly 100% literacy in the colonies as opposed to England where the rates were estimated at 48-74%. This indicates that these people were not ignorant dirt-diggers. On the other hand, the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy determined that as much as 14% of the adult English-speaking American population was unable to know “more than the most simple and concrete literacy skills.” Another 29% can only “perform simple and everyday literacy activities.” To comprehend something like Common Sense requires performing “moderately challenging literacy activities” or more. That’s 43% of the population who can’t (or won’t) get it.

No wonder they keep saying “nobody reads anymore.”

Second, the Colonists overwhelmingly had a uniform ideology – they were almost all practicing Christians of one flavor or another. A lot of noise is made about the Founders being “Deists,” but they had a belief and they followed it. The population read the Bible (no pun intended) religiously. The Founders read Greek and Roman histories and modern philosophers like Locke.

That’s not so much the case these days.

That population was primed for it. Our population is primed against it. I would argue deliberately so.

A few days ago writer Michael Smith published on his Substack “An Open Letter to Joseph Robinette Biden, President of the United States of America,” interestingly subtitled “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations…” It is, as you can imagine, a modern rewriting of the Declaration of Independence, with a long list of abuses and usurpations pretty much mirroring and expanding upon what Prof. Hanson detailed in his piece. He concludes his Open Letter thus:

Well, sir, we have rapidly come to a point where we find we are no longer disposed to suffer insufferable evils. We believe we have made the case that you, sir, your administration, and your party have no moral authority to govern the right and righteous people of this nation.

“Regrettably, we the people find we must withdraw our consent to be governed by you, your Vice President, and your entire administration and in the true spirit of the founding of this great nation, we do so assert it is our right, it is our duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for our future security and to assure the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately, the outcome of such throwing off will not be the outcome of the 1776 Declaration. The thin veneer of civilization will crack and shatter, and an attempt to seize dictatorial power will be made by someone (or several someones). They may be successful. Someone usually ultimately is. But in the interim the destruction of the United States will be thorough. They will rule over an ash heap. A heavily-armed ash heap not too interested in being ruled.

We live in the greatest time to be alive in human history. Fewer people live in abject poverty. Most “poor” people today live better than royalty did 300 years ago. Electricity, running water, hot water, personal transportation, access to the sum total of all the knowledge collected since written history began. I could go on. And we’re on the cusp of becoming a spacefaring species.

Of course it’s time to tear it all down. Human beings are a disease on the planet and it’s time to trim them back we’re told. For the planet, you know.

No, it’s not going to turn out well at all if we finally reach that point of despair and utter hopelessness. Let us pray we don’t achieve total extinction.

Choose wisely.

36 thoughts on “Despair and Utter Hopelessness

  1. If you believe farms, malls, museums aren’t civilization visit Harlem.

    There are worse things than dictatorship, the current state of government is one of them. Democracies do not last because they require no more than 51% popular support to exist, as we have seen with biden’s election, today’s mores allow far less.

    If war comes there will be a vast blood letting. Good. I am sick to death of tolerance of the race hustlers, cancelers, perverts, elitists, and most of all parasites who enrich themselves at the expense of the people. Mitt Romney and Wall Street are great examples but lets not forget Biden and Feinstein.

    Let’s not also forget all those losers who told us to accept the Left’s goals, but civilly in a polite manner. I was raised watching WF BUckley sell the right out while sending all real fighters to the outer limits. It took 50 years of men without chins to get here.

    So when they tell you to take a knee, renounce God, denounce your neighbor. announce your race guilt what will you do?

    I know what true Americans would you.

  2. “You can quote your moral relativism and chide me for my white male euro/christo/judeo centrism, but I will never, ever, ever, ever accept that it’s perfectly OK for a society to commit genocide, mass rape, enslave and/or execute conquered military and civilian people, as a matter of that society’s normal operating procedure. That is the very definition of a high end insane society.”

    And yet, this was the USA prior to about 1910, when we finally destroyed the last resistance by the Indian nations. Done a count of the number of ethnic Germans living in East Prussia (now Kaliningrad) lately?

    All nations commit genocide, if they want to continue to exist as nations. It’s the very definition of “nation-state”. Immigration is war.

  3. I don’t have much of a philosophy beyond anti-communism, but traditional American values (Anglo Christian) worked for a long time. A working philosophy must be functional. It must begin with…

    Our land for our people.
    Our laws for our people.
    Our rights for our people.
    Our responsibilities for our people.

    A good definition of “our people” is, of course, necessary. You don’t, for example, need to ask a Hungarian who the Hungarians are.

  4. Summer 2021: Even in the Deepest Blue Bastions, People still fly the Gadsden Flag.

    In 2004, yours truly fled from behind enemy lines in the Dark & Oppressive State of NJ to America, settling into suburban Philadelphia. I sometimes fear I didn’t flee far enough. In the intervening years, the cancer has advanced, no crisis has gone to waste, and those enemy lines have rolled up again to my doorstep.

    Nonetheless: We’re not dead yet.
    They’ll have to literally come to try and kill us for that to happen.

    Those of you who remember my blog also remember me warning that we were heading into an era where “all bets are off”.

    Ding! We’re there. “All bets are off”. (Shrugs, noting that the sky is still up there, not having fallen.)

    We conclude that the mechanisms of governance are tainted and stacked, and that we won’t be voting our way out of this. We also understand that in many places, an asymmetrical environment has been created, wherein the Regime backed Blue adversaries operates nearly at impunity, while anyone Red aligned or otherwise in Opposition operates at considerable legal, social and economic risk.

    What, then is to be done? That is the question on everyone’s mind.

    The antidote to Despair and Hopelessness is Hopeful, Creative Action. This calls for self leadership, a clear understanding of the scope of one’s rightful action, intelligence, situational awareness, an actionable, creative plan, backed up with good old American gumption.

    This call to meaningful, creative action is not a call to violence or stupidity. Precipitous, ill considered action such as the Capitol Incursion of 2021/1/6 played right into the adversary’s hands, who skillfully spun the matter into a public relations coup.

    As to specifics, I cannot guide you. I will share, however, some principles:

    First: Be decent, honorable and just. Take nothing that is not yours, trade fairly, yield nothing that is yours except that which you give freely or shrewdly.

    Next: Understand what is yours, starting with yourself. Comprehend the scope of your own just actions, and your just relationship to your fellow men. Colleague-in-liberty John Lockeson literally wrote a whole book on this subject: The Transcendent Ethics of Liberty. ( Know what your rightful scope of action is, its limits, and what debts you legitimately owe.

    Next: Calibrate your boundaries. We can’t care for the whole world, but we can keep our own corner of it in good order.

    Next: Form yourself into a whole, complete, moral, balanced and formidable human being capable of selecting and implementing your own agenda in the world. Foster this in yourself, and your children. Select your friends and associates accordingly. Become a power to be both reckoned with, and a pillar to be looked up to. Treat your fellow men with decency and honor, trade with them fairly, and accept no abuse or false claims from anyone.

    Next: Always act so as to reserve maximum degrees of independent action. In practical terms, this entails understanding one’s goals, and husbanding the resources necessary to pursue them on your own. Identify allies and adversaries, accumulate a wealth of skills, tools, and supplies necessary for independent living, avoid unnecessary debts and entanglements, and minimize the contours of your “contact surface”, so as to insulate yourself from the adversary’s ability to observe or impede your progress and parasitically feed on you. It may also mean taking more dramatic action, such as seeking new employment or a new place to call home. Live and pursue whatever your values and priorities are in peace.

    Ultimately, it is this capacity for independent action, no matter how big or small that daunts our adversaries, and they so thoroughly hate us for it. So: cultivate a lot of that capacity, as much as you can. Accept the hate as an accolade and measure of your puissance. They hate that we can decline their offer of enmeshed social and economic co-dependence, they hate that we the unwilling might not contribute fealty and treasure to their schemes, as they seek to bind their fortunes to our productivity. This explains why they revile the maverick billionaires who build and fly rockets, not for the fact of their wealth, but for their refusal to place that wealth at their disposal.

    If you cannot be a splendorous billionaire Prince, then at least be a raggedy one, lord over little but yourself rather than be a thrall to others.

    They hate that we do not capitulate and submit.

    So don’t.

    Above all, act. Act on your own moral authority, for your own enlightened self interest. Do not do the adversary’s work for them by canceling yourself. Be judicious, wise and discrete, but do not censor yourself. Consciously select your values and priorities, and pursue them will all due vigor, manifesting them with skillful and intelligent worldly action.

    Paralysis is a natural reaction to fear and uncertainty, and the only time it is adaptive is momentarily, so as to avoid detection while making a plan. One of the tricks one of my gun fighting teachers taught me is that the best way to break paralysis is to take the smallest voluntary action: wiggle a toe, move a finger, blink an eye, and thus bootstrap that small voluntary action to shake off the paralysis.

    Take that one small paralysis breaking action today. Make a list. Make a friend. Discretely interview a new potential ally. Hoard some food. Stuff some cash into a pillowcase. Buy some gold and silver and Bitcoin. Inventory your tools. Whatever it is, get on with it.

    Perhaps, you might gently call bullshit on someone today. And perhaps, you might make a habit of that, one day after the other. Living freely is a habit, so its best to get on acquiring it now, if you haven’t already.

    And remember: With my own eyes this summer, I’ve seen people still flying Gadsden flags in the deepest Blue Bastions, from the lakes of Massachusetts to the hills of NJ, even though their owners know that they’re surrounded and no one is coming to rescue them. They may be surrounded, but those flags tell each other that they are not alone.

    We’re Americans. This is who we are. This is what we do.

    Because ultimately: Hudson was wrong. (

  5. Someone said, ‘You either pick your Government, or one will be picked for you.’
    All the cushiness that comes with prosperity has made us soft.. We did this to ourselves. In true typical American fashion, we were to busy living the life of abundance and convenience to be bothered with the idea that our enemies were dead serious. I doubt Even if we wanted to set things right, we could. We have given away our ability to take back that which obviously will not be relinquished without a fight. We will eventually serve up our kids to the communists after the arguments and debates have been exhausted, We will all get the shot(s).. All of them seconds, boosters.. delta the whole damn maryann…. Mark my works, we will compromise and make concessions, and boast about bipartisanship because we are so civilized and we are ” doing it for the children” But we all really know the truth. The reality, we simply dont have the balls to actually admit that violence is going to be the answer out of this. We have no problem dishing it out on third world shitholes in true American phony indignation and phony self righteousness, we will bomb the shit out of mud hut dwellers because we dont have any personal currency to lose…… But when the fight is staring us in the face, When the threat of you either keeping your job, buying food, schooling your kids; or submitting to a vaccine, we will pull the civilized card and do what they tell us. All this drama is just good material for people who can write eloquently enough that people will seek them out..The bitching and moaning, the bellyaching and hand wringing and complaining, will all continue.. the cat and mouse game with the left will continue and we will all be outraged at first.. But then entertained. Because this is our new normal…

    1. Tough times make for hard men.

      Hard men make for good times.

      Good times make for soft men.

      Soft men make for hard times.


      You can vote your way into Socialism, but you have to SHOOT your way out.

    2. Who do you mean “we”, paleface?

      Identifying with your captor is the first stage of the Stockholm syndrome.

      There is a profound difference between complicity, apathy, and being surrounded.

  6. OUR CONSTITUTION WAS WRITEN FOR A NATION OF CHRISTIAN MINDED PEOPLE,it hasn’t been a christian nation as long as I’ve been on this earth,WHEN america was turned over to the women in 1920,america was upsurped by the women who took over with a smile,then the destruction began,THEY run everything now and the men are no longer men,anything but men,NOW OUR FATHER WILL FIRE THE STARTING PISTOL,yes you will see the sky falling,when it stops..IT TIME TO TAKE YOUR NATION BACK ,OR write it OFF and die…ITS coming soon,I hope your all ready,You won’t get a second chance…

    1. “When america(sic) was turned over to the women in 1920, america(sic) was upsurped(sic) by the women who took over with a smile,then(sic) the destruction began,THEY(sic) run everything now and the men are no longer men,anything but men,NOW OUR FATHER WILL FIRE THE ST….” Etc. etc. etc.

      So the women are at fault, God the omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing) and omnibenevolent (all-loving) didn’t have anything to do with that.


      I’m beginning to understand why Christianity lost its popularity.

      1. Indeed. Though it might help more if the less hinged Christians had some insight into this as well.

  7. I’m not far into this (sorry Kevin, I’ve been busier than usual lately), but this snippet…
    “…The Regime isn’t exclusively the Democratic Party, or even just the Progressive Left. It’s an amalgamation of oligarchs and useful idiots on both sides of the political aisle, both in and out of government.”
    made me consider that there IS a solution that the President can implement, and do it publicly, I’d say, and the rest of the assholes WILL fall into line afterwards.

    It’d take a guy who isn’t a geriatric, and it fucking fed up with the bullshit to SHOW EVERYONE HE MEANS BUSINESS.

        1. Trump threatened, but couldn’t carry out the threats. The Deep State neutered him.

          If he had been able to actually carry out the threats, I’m not sure he’d be breathing today.

  8. You guys need to stop worrying about the outcome of our current troubles. The cause is many fold with a list to long to recount but the end is sure. There will be a civil war and it will be bloody and final with our Communist devil worshiping antagonists lying broken on the ash heap of history. fini

    And God will have the last word and that word will convict all of us for our cowardice in the face of evil, e.g., 70million murdered babies, rampant sodomites, dominate Atheism, etc.
    He will in His perfect timing start the war and through our repentant prayers lead us to victory in total conquest. And just as the first civil war brought a total rejection of slavery and session this war will totally transform us into an obedient God fearing nation guided by Christianity as was the first edition.
    And most likely it will be a Republican Democracy headed by a Monarchy. So that we can have a Lord High Protector of the Constitution in permanent residence and outside of the influence of lobbyists and partisan politics. A Monarchy guided by the Word of God and nonnegotiable rules of conduct for the safety of all concerned.

    But first comes the pain so that the next thousand generations will fear God and reject a freedom so absolute that it breeds evil in the hearts of men who already suffer from a fallen nature with its “Lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life.

  9. The next populist president doesn’t know he is going to run, let alone know he’s going to be President.

    He won’t be nice, won’t be above “sinking to their level,” and will drive the professional class into fits of rage that will make their reaction to Trump look tame.

    And the professional class is making it inevitable through their behavior.

    1. Given the results of the 2020 election, and the current attempt to Federalize election law, I don’t think the Left intends for anyone not of their ilk to win another election. As Biden says, he only cares about who counts the votes.

      1. Look at that county map for 2020 again. If red counties cheat like the blue counties did in 2020, Republicans win, bigly.

        They should. It is far past time for Republicans to stop playing by Marquess of Queensberry Rules. A tactic used is a usable tactic.

        This is what I meant when I said there will be a populist president candidate that won’t be above sinking to their level. Massive vote fraud is sinking to their level.

  10. This reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw while driving a truck through Waco, TX today.

    At first I thought it was a comment on religion, and it might have been. But then I saw the other bumper sticker, which said “10th Mountain Division,” and thought maybe it isn’t.

    It said, “No One Is Coming. It Is Up To Us.”

    As a comment on religion, I could easily picture this on the back of your truck, Kevin.

  11. Humans….and that includes Americans…..fall into two basic classes. One side is honest. They follow the rules, work to support themselves, follow societal norms that allow for said society to function effectively. The OTHER side HAS NO RULES except one. WIN. By ANY MEANS NECESSARY. The first side is doomed to fail because they self handicap by following self imposed rules…..and allow those who oppose them….those who would EXTERMINATE THEM….to do literaly ANYTHING they choose without fear of repercussion. We have DEVOLVED to the point where we are a doomed species. We refuse to cull the defective, abusive parasitical criminals who take advantage of everyone and everything. And because those who CAN and DO refuse to eradicate the parasites that suck the life out of society and destroy everything they touch the downfall of our society is unavoidable and inevitable. We are a CLEVER species….not an intelligent one.

  12. Memo from company mgt today included the following lines:

    I am disappointed to review data that indicates that the number of employees not wearing masks does not correlate with the percentage of teammates that have self-certified their vaccination stays. In other words, the number of unmasked employees is greater than the number of self-certified vaccinated employees. This indicates that either employees are not vaccinated and not wearing masks or employees are vaccinated but do not care to self-certify. Regardless, this is troubling and does not meet my expectation to Do What’s Right.

    The self-certification options are basically, yes, no, nearly done, planning to do, and I decline to answer at this time. The company mandated last month that employees make a selection.

    The use of “do not care” in the memo was deliberate IMO.

    I expect mandatory vaccination requirement next month. This is wrong. It is not Doing What’s Right. It is pressuring employees to get an experimental treatment with poor efficacy, and unknown long term effects against a disease most under 65s will survive ok.

    I will lose my livelihood if I do not comply and my wife is pressuring me not to refuse, but if I don’t stand up for this, then what else is next?

  13. We’re trapped in a series of very bad B movies:

    Son of SCoaMF
    The Rise of SCoaMF
    Return of the Son of SCoaMF

    Please, oh please, don’t make me sit through Revenge of the SCoaMF. It will be every bit as messy as really good sex or a really good hamburger, without even the remotest chance of being enjoyable.

  14. I know it’s coming. I’ve prepared as best I can. But I really don’t want it to happen…

    Millions will die. Cut off the trucks and rail traffic to NY City, block the bridges and tunnels…and millions will die. If civil war breaks out all of the big cities will starve because the trucks and trains will be stopped. Millions will die.

    Maybe it needs to happen. But don’t wish for it or you’re no better than they are!!!

    1. I wish for victory, and the survival of my people.
      At this point, there is only one way to achieve that goal.

      We didn’t question each German and Japanese soldier about his politics. We shot them and dropped fire on their cities.

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