Wow. Just,…Wow

I had no idea that Ladd Everitt had a Facebook page until someone said something about him in comments. Two things: First, his Intro:

Democracy is worth fighting for.
“There is no before.”

Apparently it is quite literally true that for the Left, history started yesterday.

Second, get a load of this brilliant bit of “logic”:

After that, he blocked me.

8 thoughts on “Wow. Just,…Wow

  1. HuffPo writer “Ladd Everitt is the Director of One Pulse for America, a gun violence prevention group founded by actor and activist George Takei…”

    Okay, this says all I need to know about him.

  2. Dear God, I think I can feel brain cells demanding alcohol after reading that tripe from ‘Laddy’. Why did you do this to me, Mr. Baker?

  3. Wait, I know! It wasn’t DC’s gun laws that stopped “the insurrection” from succeeding.

    It was the “Gun Free Zone” signs!

  4. “…DC’s strict gun laws prevented a permanent fascist takeover of the US…”

    Does this remind anyone of the scene in Blazing Saddles where all the bad guys are having to go through the toll booth?

  5. “If that cache of firearms had ever made its way from VA (weak gun laws) to DC, it would have been over quickly.”

    And the DC Police (4,000 people)
    The Capitol Police (2,300 people)
    And the National Guard (26,000 people)

    wouldn’t have been able to do a thing to stop them.

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