Last Entry on the Johns Hopkins Gun Lawsuit “Fact” Sheet

I started this series here, and continued it here. I thought I’d go ahead and finish it. I’m only going to discuss one last “Myth/FACT” from this “striver”:

Myth:The Lawsuits are simply designed to bankrupt the gun industry.

FACT:The lawsuits are actually designed to change the way gun makers design and market their products.

I guess no longer designing or marketing qualifies as “changing the way” it’s done.

In fact, the lawsuit filed by the NAACP doesn’t even ask for money damages, just changes in the way manufacturers do business.

But as I’ve pointed out, it isn’t necessary that the gun control groups win. The gun manufacturing industry isn’t that big. The NAACP lost its lawsuit, but not before the trial ran FIVE WEEKS. How much did the legal fees run? All the case preparation? And that’s one trial.

The gun-control lawyers have deep pockets – yours. Remember, 13 cities sued the gun industry. Your tax dollars at work. Suits brought by individuals and organizations are funded either by lawyers already rich from tobacco settlements or funded by chairitable organizations (according to such as: The George Gund Fund, The Joyce Foundation, Charles Stewart Mott, Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund, Eugene & Agnes Meyer Foundation, George Soros’s Open Society Institute, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, the YWCA, the Presbyterian Church USA, and the National Urban League. The gun manufacturers don’t have those resources. How would you like it if your business was sued in 13 different jurisdictions? How long do you think you could keep your doors open under that kind of financial stress? Even getting to the point where the cases get thrown out is expensive.

Go ahead, pull my other leg. That hound don’t hunt. But it drops a fine striver.

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