And You Should Rely On the Government that Disarms You….Why?

Kim du Toit links to this story:


I acted in self-defence says disabled robbery victim

A DISABLED man who used CS spray to fight off a robber is now facing the threat of legal action.

Wheelchair-bound Nicholas Ashworth, aged 22, sprayed his alleged attacker in the face with the CS spray.

He then climbed out of his wheelchair and limped across the road as the man screamed in pain. A passing police patrol spotted him in distress and stopped at the scene. Officers then arrested both men.

Why arrest both, you might ask?

A police spokesman said that they were investigating the illegal use and possession of CS spray.

That’s right! You can’t carry mace! Or pepper spray! Or anything else the State considers an “offensive weapon” – even if you use it in self-defence as this poor guy did. England – where it’s safe to be a mugger, or a home invader, or a carjacker, or…

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