So you’re a feminist?…Isn’t that cute!

Mike S. Adams strikes a blow for the First Amendment in the college environment of “tolerance.”

Way to go, Mike.

The piece begins:

Dear UNC-Wilmington Board of Trustees:

It has recently come to my attention that a feminist student at UNCW has taken offense to a sticker on my office door which reads “So you’re a feminist . . . Isn’t that cute.” I found this out after obtaining a copy of a letter her father wrote to you, the Board of Trustees. I could comment at some length on the obvious hypocrisy of this student’s decision to ask her father to defend feminism for her, but I won’t. Let me get straight to the point: I did not put that sticker on my office door.

(DISCLAIMER: And I wish this weren’t necessary – I am all for the rights of individuals regardless of their plumbing. This piece isn’t about feminism it’s about “tolerance” in the college environment, and the apparent double-standard exercised by liberal educators and their victims acolytes. So there. If you want to post hate-mail accusing me of being an australopithecine misogynist, I suggest you go spend some time reading Michelle, Rachel, and Connie, all of whom I admire greatly. If they’re not “liberated,” nobody is.

Of course, this assumes that a prickly “feminist” type would be found dead here, but one can hope. Wait, that didn’t come out right….)

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