The Department of Tinfoil Hats

Now THIS is interesting. Sitemeter tracks the system origin of visitors to my blog, and tells me how much time the visitor spent, and how many page views they had.

Of course, most visitors are in-and-out, spending a recorded 0 minutes and 0 seconds. I wonder if this isn’t slightly in error, because a lot of these in-and-outs are apparently repeats, hitting a few times a day, or over successive days. Of course, this could be different viewers who happen to share the same domain.

But I found one point of interest – a visitor or visitors from The John Hopkins Medical Institutions server. And he/she/they have spent some time perusing the blog.

Welcome! And I’m curious as to how you found me.

I cannot help but wonder, however, if he/she/they are visiting from The John Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research.

Now I’m going to have to peruse a couple of the articles there and see what they have to say. Considering the fact that they seem to believe that suing the gun companies out of existence is “an effective public health tool for injury and gun violence prevention,” I believe we will not see eye-to-eye on the topic.

More later.

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