Mea Culpa

Oh sweet jebus.

In my previous post on the AJC’s screed, I said, in response to the AJC’s claim that “the gun industry has…spun the myth” that semi-automatic rifles are “the best guarantee of personal safety”: “Hardly, and anybody who knows guns knows better.”

Well, apparently not everybody.

This guy believes it.

“Probably the optimum gun for the defense of a home is the civilian version of the military M-l6 (e.g. Colt AR 15 Sporter, ArmaLite AR-10, others).”


He makes some reasoned arguments, but they hardly convince me.

(But then, he’s a lawyer.)

I vote for the handgun and the pump shotgun. I’m not at all enamored of the idea of firing a rifle indoors, and I have neighbors who might object to the result of a miss from one.

Score one for the AJC, though.

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