The Lying News Media, Part VII

As an addendum to this whole CNN / assault weapon ban story, I found this ironic piece. It’s an excerpt from Wolf Blitzer’s commencement address for the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication on Monday, the day CNN aired their retraction-that-wasn’t.

In it are these pearls:

“Here’s what worries me so much. So many Americans already have a rather low regard for journalists; so many of our viewers, readers and listeners simply don’t trust us. Many of them, according to public opinion polls, believe we have political agendas and biases that taint our reporting. And many of our news consumers, no doubt, suspect we often make things up — whether to advance a political cause, or settle personal scores, or sell newspapers and increase ratings on television. What has now happened at The New York Times has simply fueled those suspicions.”

No, really?

“Journalism is not a perfect science. It is often referred to as a first draft of history. And as all of you know, a first draft can occasionally be sloppy. Yes, we will make mistakes. But those are unwitting mistakes. There must be zero tolerance for deliberate distortions, false reporting and fiction writing in the guise of journalism. They cannot be tolerated.”

Damn straight, Wolf! Tell it like it is!

“Healthy skepticism is critical in doing our job. In my experience, if a story sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. Check and re-check and triple-check those sources. There are people with agendas trying to use us for their own purposes.”

Say, like Sheriff Ken Jenne?

Um, didn’t CNN say, after LaPierre called them on the (at the absolute minimum) shoddy reporting of John Zarella: “And we all stick by John Zarrella and how credible of a reporter he is.”? What happened to “(c)heck and re-check and triple-check those sources.”?

Zero tolerance. Yup.

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