The Lying News Media, Part V, or There Aren’t Enough Hours in the Day to Keep Up

Well, I saw (and have a copy of) CNN’s “retraction” that wasn’t.

For what it was, it wasn’t bad, but it was still (I think intentionally) misleading.

CNN has a transcript of some of the story up here, just scroll down to where it starts: “Welcome back.” It is not complete when compared to the video, but they may correct that later.

The transcript of the original story with Sheriff Jenne is here, and it’s got more to it than the NRA piece had, but the full-auto piece is not included. This was obviously the first piece where the cinderblocks were untouched by the post-ban weapon.

I have not located the transcript of the full-auto demonstration.

If you’re interested, the day after the original Zarella piece on Wolf Blitzer Reports, Wayne LaPierre of the NRA was on and called CNN on it in no uncertain terms.

THAT transcript is here. He calls them liars to their faces.

I’ll come back to this topic later, but I’ve got an asswhuppin’ to deliver debate to get back to.

Besides, I do this better when I’m not pissed off.

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