The Lying News Media, Part IV

Here’s that update. Ruben Mendiola, an NFA dealer (that means he’s licensed to sell machine guns) reports:

Today, (Sunday, May 18) Pedro Bello, Nick Davitian and I met with a CNN camera crew and two producers to demonstrate the non-existing actual differences between pre and post ban AR15 and AK47. As we know it the so-called crime bill outlaws guns strictly on cosmetics alone, IE flash hider or bayonet lug.

Apparently CNN received a lot of flack over the terrible story it aired last week in which Sheriff Ken Jennings(sic) of Broward outright lied about machines guns becoming available to any and all if the crime bill sunsets and that pre-ban rifles having more power than post ban.

The story will air at 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM Monday and they will air it as a retraction/correction to the previous extremely anti-gun and false story.

NRA Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre has also done a fabulous job making CNN go nuts. I understand he will be on the ready with Rush tomorrow.

Sincere thanks to Wally Phillbrick owner of IPS Gun store and range in Hollywood FL for letting us shoot 21 CBS concrete blocks in his indoor range and to Raul for becoming such a pain in the ass to CNN that they called us to do the demo. (He went up all the way to the top)

One person can make a difference. Be active, just don’t sit back and bitch.

Terrific work, and excellent advice. I e-mailed him to verify that those were his words and for permission to post this here. He verified, and added:

Be my guest.

From their attitude, I strongly feel it will be a fair story. They took a LOT OF HEAT over the stunt that the Sheriff pulled.

Well, we’ll see how fair it is. I don’t think CNN is going to like eating crow, and I’ve yet to see them do anything fair when it comes to the gun question.

But I could be surprised.

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