Our Collapsing Schools

History? Hell, they’re not even teaching writing anymore! Much less research.

Go read 2 Rs Left in High School.

“High school junior Dominique Houston is a straight-A student enrolled in honors and Advanced Placement classes at Northview High School in Covina. She is a candidate for class valedictorian and hopes to double-major in marine biology and political science in college, preferably UCLA or the University of San Diego.”

Sounds great, doesn’t she? Honor roll, straight-A’s in college-prep level courses. But what’s this?

“But the 17-year-old said she has written only one research paper during her high school career. It was three pages long, examining the habits of beluga whales.

” ‘Bibliographies? We don’t really even know how to do those. I don’t even know how I would write a 15-page paper. I don’t even know how I would begin,’ she said.”

ADVANCED PLACEMENT. They aren’t schools, they’re warehouses for children.

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