Another Sign of the Apocalypse

Mark Moron Morford of the San Francisco Chronicle was funny Friday. Normally he’s just tiring. The column is entitled Stop The Gay Canadians! First icky legalized homosexual marriage, then the apocalypse. Conservative America trembles And it just gets better from there.

“I don’t really know what this means, what it represents, what it entails, what gay people stand for, where they come from or what they do or why they do it or how they become that way in the first place or even if they’re allowed to vote or fly in airplanes,” announced a very trembly George W. Bush at a hastily arranged press conference in the Super Mega Hetero Gun Room of the White House.

Wow! Where do I go to get a Super Mega Hetero Gun Room installed in my house?

Of course, I’m a South Park Republican, so I think these stereotypes are freaking hilarious!

(Nod to Michele for the pointer. I don’t read Morford as a rule.)

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