Lileks on the Wellstone Assassination Theorists

“Before you write me off as a crank . . . ” – ink’s dry, sir. Ink’s dry. “. . let me ask you a simple question. Do you know what caused the crash?” I’m guessing gravity had something to do with it. “If you don’t know, then how can you know that I am wrong?” He’s got me there. I also don’t know why the shuttle crashed, which is why I cannot rule out the possibility that Romulan warbirds fired their disruptors as the ship began its descent. But I suspect you are wrong about this, because you are wrong about nearly everything else. Want proof? Mr. Fetzer’s U of M website links to his other sites, and

As the saying goes: when all you have is an assassination-related URL, everything looks like a covert hit.

Oh, and Lileks also assassinates some ants. Good read.

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