Arm the Wimmin! Dept.

This week’s Carnival of the Vanities over at Drumwaster’s Rants held a Second Amendment gem. The link belongs to WalterinDenver , but it points to this Boulder Weekly story. Follow the links. Here’s a teaser:

Ari tells me he hopes two things will come out of this weekend. He hopes first of all to demystify guns so that I come to see them as tools, as opposed to little metallic monsters, the embodiment of violence and evil. He also hopes to combat stereotypes I might have about people whom we in Boulder might simply call “gun nuts.”

I go to bed feeling more than a little nervous. Before I fall asleep, Neo pops into my mind. “Guns,” he says. “Lots of guns.”

I’ve never even held a gun.


Oh, and please inform everyone you know about the invitation on the left side of my page.

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