“Unfortunately, justice can be unforgiving”

Others have covered this. I did, too, last week. But now it appears that Jose Acosta, the 69 year-old man, a resident of the U.S. for 25 years, faces possible deportation for using an unlicensed firearm to defend himself during an armed robbery attempt.

And all Mayor Bloomberg has to say is “Unfortunately, justice can be unforgiving.”

I suppose Mr. Acosta should have just submitted and let the City protect him like it protected Mohammed Conteh. And he could be pushing up daisies in a NYC graveyard rather than facing deportation.

That’s OK, Sr. Acosta. Our border’s so pourous you can be back at your bodega in less than 30 days.

Mayor Bloomberg? Voters can be unforgiving, too. One term – if you make it that long before a lynch mob comes after you.

And does anybody have an update on Ronald Dixon?

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