Our Collapsing Schools Dept.:

This news is from Canada, but it’s an idea that I think is probably a good one: Hamilton school to offer single-sex classrooms

Learning improves when boys, girls are separated, studies say

An Ontario school is giving parents an option rarely offered in the public school system — all-girl and all-boy classes.

Starting in the fall, parents of Grades 7 and Grade 8 students at Cecil B. Stirling School in Hamilton will have the choice of keeping their children in a co-ed classroom or moving them into single-sex classes, which have traditionally been limited to private schools.

The program taps a growing body of research that suggests boys and girls learn differently and benefit from being separated, particularly in such key subjects as mathematics, reading and writing.

Teachers used to worry about girls falling behind in science and math but the concern has now switched to boys.

There’s more, go read the rest.

I think that there’s a lot wrong in the school systems here that single-sex classrooms aren’t going to affect, but any effort to actually improve things is welcome. I’ve become convinced that the destruction wrought on our schools cannot have been an accident – at least not completely.

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