Our Collapsing Schools

Remember when I said that parents were a big part of the problem? Well, here’s an extreme example.

Mother, Sons Charged With Beating Teacher Unconscious

NEWBURGH, N.Y. — Police say a mother and her two sons beat a teacher unconscious at school with a desk and a chair because she had suspended the younger boy.

The teacher, who works in an alternative school program for troubled youth, had suspended the boy for spitting in her face and pushing her, police said.

Jamie Mereness, 34, and her 17-year-old son William Ramos, went with her 12-year-old son to the school Tuesday afternoon to confront the teacher, who was not identified, police said Thursday.

Police said Mereness, Ramos and the younger son choked and punched the teacher, then used a desk and a chair to beat her in a basement classroom, Detective Lt. Santo Centamore said.

The victim’s 11 year-old son witnessed the attack and called 911.

I wonder why the hell anybody would want to be a teacher these days. Attacked from above and below, and unable to control your classrooms, it just sets you up to be a victim.

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