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Chuck Asay, Colorado Springs Gazette.

As an aside, Robert L. Bartley has a column up from Monday’s Opinion Journal concerning press objectivity. Here’s the money quote:

The opinion of the press corps tends toward consensus because of an astonishing uniformity of viewpoint. Certain types of people want to become journalists, and they carry certain political and cultural opinions. This self-selection is hardened by peer group pressure. No conspiracy is necessary; journalists quite spontaneously think alike. The problem comes because this group-think is by now divorced from the thoughts and attitudes of readers.

Truer words… (Link via Instapundit.)

Mike Ramirez, LA Times

Jim McCloskey, Staunton, VA News-Leader.

I’m not sure if Jim’s cartoon was supposed to be approving, but many haven’t yet figured out that to the majority of us in the red states, “Cowboy” isn’t an insult.

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