Here’s Something Interesting

Ravenwood covers two items: First the Washington Post’s reaction to Orrin Hatch’s bill to repeal the D.C. gun ban. Money quote:

The best way to dry up this supply of guns would be for Congress to enact a federal law extending the District protections to Maryland, Virginia and all other states.

Which, if you weren’t able to translate that for yourself, Ravenwood puts plainly:

In case you were wondering, by “protections”, they mean “gun ban”, and by “all other states”, they mean yours.

The second item is the reaction by politicians to the NYC City Council shootings, which I recommend you read. But the money quote here is the one I’ve been using all along when it comes to the political fear of the .50BMG rifle:

Of course, you should also ask yourself just what is it that these politicians are doing, that they are so worried about being dragged out of their offices and shot because of it.

Or capped through the armor of their limousines.

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