More on the NYC City Council Shooting

According to this article, Councilman James E. Davis was carrying a concealed weapon, but didn’t have a chance to draw it. The CNN story linked reports

Davis was known to carry a licensed gun, but was unable to draw the weapon

(“See! See! Concealed weapons are useless for self defense!” shrill the gun control groups.)

The piece does raise the valid question: If Mr. Davis was opposed to gun violence and in favor of gun bans, why did he have a gun?

The CNN piece also continues with the comments of Mr. Davis’s brother, Geoffrey:

“The system killed my brother,” he shouted. “Just the same way they killed Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, the system knew that my brother would continue fighting for the betterment to stop violence. That’s who killed my brother. The system.”

No, Mr. Davis. Mr. Askew killed your brother.

Unless it was those invisible brain-altering psychosis-inducing waves that guns give off…

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