You Need to Read This

I’m STILL struggling through Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (after the first 350 pages it’s either getting better no other option or I’m getting numb) but one of the points she bludgeons into a bloody pulp makes is absolutely true, and still relative – as illustrated by Randy Barnette’s most recent post to Excerpt:

As you probably know, the idea that truth is “socially constructed” has been in vogue in academia for some time. I never took it that seriously and only mention it in passing in The Structure of Liberty. I did not think very many people could possibly believe it, or at least believe that, if true, it had any practical implications. Hey, even if the world is socially constructed, if we cannot willfully reconstruct it as we prefer, then it’s pretty much as irrelevant as the old speculations that we are just a brain in a vat or that the universe exists in a drop on some cosmic chemist’s workbench.

Since the 2000 election, however, I have begun to realize for the first time that the Left really and truly lives in a socially constructed world — a world where “truth” is their own construction.

Go read the whole thing.

And think. Hard.

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