BOHICA! (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again)

It would appear from initial reports that someone, either a council member or someone accompanying a council member, managed to get into the New York City City Hall and opened fire on one or more councilmembers. Security guards returned fire, at least a dozen rounds were fired, and at least two people were hit. One, councilman James E. Davis has died. Mr. Davis was heavily involved in gun control. According to this Fox News report, he was speaking to the shooter when the man drew and opened fire. According to this MSNBC report the shooter targeted one person and shot him several times (I assume the victim was Davis.)

As of this moment, the situation is extremely confused. The second person hit has also reportedly died, and is the shooter. Police are apparently still looking for a man in a blue suit. (In NYC? Please!)

Mayor Bloomberg has stated that the act wasn’t terrorism, but how he’d know is beyond me.

Apparently the shooter was able to sneak a handgun past the metal detectors and kill a gun control proponent.

Wanna bet the gun control groups use this incident to fight for renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban?

Update: Reports are now that the shooter, one Clarence Askew, is dead, and that Davis shot him, or, alternately, a security guard did. Apparently they came in together, and neither had to go through a metal detector. Odd.

I think I scooped Instapundit on this one.

Further update. Reports that Davis fired back are apparently in error. The perp was killed by security.

More: Here’s the AP release on the incident. More of the same.

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