You Go, Girl! – Updated

I was going to comment on English farmer Tony Martin’s impending release on parole, but Rachel Lucas beat me to it. I can’t better that.

A “danger to burglars”. Heh. I certainly hope so.


Reading around, I found Spoon’s commentary on this. (Sometimes I wonder why I bother when it’s done so much better by so many others.) Money quote:

Americans are rightly grateful for the assistance that the British have provided over the past year. It would be a mistake, though, for us to let that gratitude blind us to the fact that Britain is becoming culturally every bit as alien to us as France or Germany. A shared language and a strong leader can slow Britain’s drift away from us, but they can’t stop it. Britain is a European country. Sooner or later, they’re going to give us cause to remember that. Hopefully, when that does happen, our own leaders won’t have put us in a position to let that damage America’s interests.

Go read the whole thing.

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