Update on the Story Below – The Government Responds to People Defending Themselves

Apparently they’re worried about people “taking the law into their own hands,” as this report explains:

When it’s O-K to shoot to protect yourself and your family

There’s debate into when it’s O-K to shoot to protect yourself and your family after a recent rash of shootings involving homeowners. One deadly robbery started at the Union Planters Bank on Quince Road and Perkins Friday night. That’s when the victim’s ATM card didn’t work. The suspects took the man to his home just a few blocks away on Dunn Avenue. That’s where the victim got a gun and shot the two suspects, killing one. The District Attorney ruled the shooting justifiable homicide but issued a warning about cases like this one. And don’t forget the infamous Cat Burglar, gunned down by a home owner in the Hickory Hill area just last month. With a series of home defense shootings this summer, D-A Bill Gibbons wants to make sure the public is aware of the law.

Rosevone Bird knows all to well about deadly force. Last week, a man pushed his way into his home and attacked his wife’s caretaker. Bird responded with one shot from his 357 magnum. “I shot him.” Despite protecting his family, Bird says he is not proud of what he did. “Hell no, I feel bad.”

The shooting was ruled justifiable by the District Attorney’s office. But Bill Gibbons has a warning, protecting your property with deadly force is not justifiable. Gibbons said, “Essentially a person cannot use deadly force in self defense merely to protect personal property. A person has to believe that his or her life is in jeopardy.” In fact, state law spells it out: The person must have a reasonable belief that there is an imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury. “If we face a situation where someone does use deadly force simply to protect property we will be prepared to prosecute that person.”

Rosevone Bird has already made that split second life and death decision. Would he do it again? “If I had to I sure would.” But for others who use deadly force in the future, a warning your actions will be carefully reviewed. It is very hard to say on a case by case basis what is justifiable and what is not. The bottom line, you have to believe that you or someone your with is in danger of serious injury or death if you don’t take action.

In Friday night’s shooting, the homeowner shot and killed Ricky Ricardo Wilborn. Another suspect was shot and is in critical condition. Prosecutors say if he recovers, he could face charges. Last month, two people died in two separate home invasions on the same night, the first on Lark where the homeowner shot and killed one man, another suspect injured, the second on Wildwind Cove, where the homeowner shot and killed the man known as the east Memphis cat burglar.

How about this: Let the people shoot to protect their property. I bet crime goes down.

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