Emperor Misha Addresses an Excellent Question

As you all know, we Americans are extremely proud of being the freest country on the planet, and rightfully so.

But sometimes I fear that we fail to state exactly why we feel that way. To us, I suspect, it’s just so self-evident that we don’t really feel a need to remind ourselves and each other just why it’s so.

I can’t help but thinking that maybe we should. I think it would be healthy for us to do so more, actually, because the unique privileges we enjoy because we’re American shouldn’t be taken for granted. Thousands of people line up every year to earn the privilege of becoming part of our family (I should know. I was once one of them, after all).


Tomorrow we’ll all be celebrating the Birth of Our Nation.

Wouldn’t tonight be a perfect time to reflect upon just why and what it is that we celebrate?

I rather think so.

Take it away, Loyal Citizenry. I can’t wait to read your input.

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