Can You Say “Double Standard?”

In conjunction with the story of the officer who shot a handcuffed suspect in her cruiser – but wasn’t prosecuted because it was “an accident,” here’s another case of preferential treatment for law-enforcement. It seems that Multinomah County, Oregon Sherriff’s Dept. Sergeant Patrick Coffeen had an unregistered machinegun. Now, this will normally land your butt in Club Fed, but not Mr. Coffeen. No, in a plea agreement Sergeant Coffeen plead guilty to attempted unlawful possession of a machine gun, a Class C felony, rather than actual unlawful possession. He had to pay a $2,500 fine, and has lost both his job and his right to arms (which means he won’t be working in law-enforcement again.)

Money quote:

“You can’t have that weapon unless the federal government gives you permission, and he didn’t have that permission”

And the gun ban control groups want to expand that requirement for possession to all guns, not just NFA weapons.

If you have to have permission, IT’S NOT A RIGHT!

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