If You Didn’t See This in the Carnival of the Vanities…

Read it now. Via Nikita Demosthenes, Orson Scott Card’s article Moral Stupidity. Money quote:

It makes me ashamed of the Democratic Party that this seems to be the only moral process available to the party’s leadership. I used to call myself a “Moynihan Democrat.”

But now that he’s dead, I’m reduced to calling myself a “Tony Blair Democrat.”

That’s because I cannot find a single leader in the Democratic Party who is capable of acting on the basis of what is right, rather than what will make our side win.

A Democratic Party that had any honor at all would not be filibustering judicial appointments, making a mockery of the President’s constitutional authority to appoint federal judges with the approval of a simple majority of the Senate.

But “honor,” like “patriotism,” is a word that the Democratic Party mocks except when they wrap themselves in it to make themselves immune to attack.

I’ve seen the high dudgeon of Democratic leaders saying, “How dare he say that I’m not patriotic!” Even though that very Democrat has been heard to complain that “patriotism” is an outmoded and dangerous idea.

Likewise, Democrat leaders can’t speak of honor without embarrassment — except when they want to accuse Republicans of accusing them of being dishonorable.

So now these same people of the American Left have decided that the Palestinians are “our team” and therefore even their worst atrocities are to be declared as being “no worse than” what the Israelis do in their own defense.

The same moral geniuses who could find nothing wrong in Bill Clinton’s endless lying, in Hillary Clinton’s criminal manipulation of the futures market, in Al Gore’s cynical attempt to subvert a free election by changing the rules after the fact — they now stand in judgment of Israel and declare them “no better than” terrorists.

Much, much more crunchy goodness.

I’ve always liked Orson Scott Card, although I find his fiction writing hit-or-miss.

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