Isn’t This Nice: Sean Penn Gets One of His Guns Back

In April, Sean Penn’s Buick Grand National was stolen while he ate lunch at a Berkley restaurant, and in it were two handguns, a 9mm Glock and a .38 revolver. Turns out that Mr. Penn (who has a conviction for assault and spent a month in jail for it) has a California concealed-carry permit! The car was recovered five days later, but not the guns.

Well, at least one of them has turned up, and Mr. Penn is going to get it back. The Glock might have turned up. A Glock matching Penn’s was found, but it has spent at least a month in the ocean and barnacles obscure the serial number. Per the article:

Police said there is no evidence that Penn’s .38 was involved in any crimes, and it will likely be returned to the actor, who is currently filming his latest movie called “The Assassination of Richard Nixon” in Oakland.

“We were pleased to have recovered one of Mr. Penn’s guns, and of course we’re always pleased when we can get any gun off the streets.”

OFF the street? I thought that people with CCW’s put more guns on the streets!

I cannot help but wonder if, should this have happened to John Q. Public (who probably would have had a much harder time getting a CCW), would the police have been so enthusiastic about giving it back?

I feel safer already.

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