This is Why My House Has Guns, but NO BARS

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SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – Single mother Tina Marie Satterfield tried to make her home safe from crime, but she died early Monday, trapped inside the burning house by window security bars.

“She was like a mother to the other girls. She’d make them smile,” said Bob Monette, manager of the topless club Deja Vu. Satterfield, 24, danced there to support her daughter, Mia, Monette said.

Satterfield, two other Deja Vu dancers and three children died in a fire caused by smoking materials, fire officials said. Mia, 6, survived the fire.

“It wasn’t a party house. My sister just doesn’t like to be alone,” said Teresa Lundberg, Satterfield’s half-sister.

Lundberg recalled that Satterfield had installed the bars out of fear of neighborhood crime.

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