Frank J. Gives Basic Gun Instructions

You’ve GOT to read this! Excerpt:

Here are the different types of guns:

* Revolver: this is a gun with a cylinder that “revolves”

* Semi-automatic pistol: this is a pistol that’s sorta automatic

* Shotgun: this is a “gun” that fires “shot”

* Rifle: I don’t what the hell this is. Apparently it’s rifled or something

* Machine gun: This is a gun that uses a little machine to fire bullets rapidly. Don’t bother looking for the machine; it’s very small.

* Sub-machine gun: Like a machine gun, but it goes underwater.

* Glue gun: Fires hot glue. If you’re creative, it’s great for arts and crafts. If you’re really, really creative, you can kill someone with it.

Sometimes Frank just slays me!

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