An Excellent Gift Idea

Dale Amon over at Samizdata posts about the recent interest in the close approach of Mars, and links to artist Kim Poor’s “University of Mars” t-shirt.

Kim’s art gallery is in Tucson, and I’ve got several prints from that gallery in my house.

The sad news is that Kim has a degenerative nerve disease that has progressed to the point that he can no longer paint.

If you care for art with a space theme at all, go visit his site. His gallery carries works by all the major artists in the genre. My collection includes Joe Tucciarone’s Chiron’s Passage and The Pegasus Nebula, Bob Eggleton’s, Blues for Neptune, Kim’s Jupiter from Io, a signed copy of Alan Bean’s Conrad, Gordon and Bean and a few others.

I also like to send his Christmas cards out, and that season is fast approaching.

Give it a look.

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