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Lopez, Affleck Seek Gun Permit in Ga.

HINESVILLE, Ga. – Just because Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez aren’t doing much of anything doesn’t mean they’re not making news.

Hollywood’s most overexposed couple set gossip pages aflame anew on Tuesday after they popped into a south Georgia courthouse near Affleck’s Hampton Island home.

But apparently it was a gun license, not a marriage license, that the on-again, off-again super couple was seeking Monday.

“Affleck wanted to know where he could apply for a gun permit,” said Liberty County Sheriff Don Martin, who mugged for a photo before sending the couple down the hall to the probate court.

The appearance has unleashed a horde of paparazzi and celebrity reporters onto the small town of Hinesville, where a court clerk verified Tuesday morning _ apparently not for the first time _ that the couple did not apply for a marriage license.

And normally I couldn’t care less about Bennifer.

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