Lileks and the Care and Feeding of Envy

It looks like James is channelling the liberal care and feeding of envy through the conservative filter. In this case, instead of “winning life’s lottery,” Lileks protests the “vapid, genetically-blessed bipeds we have elevated to the status of impotent royalty.”

This one should have been a screed.

I am incapable of caring any less than I did when that horrid symbiotic organism they called Bennifer first appeared on the covers of US and People and WE and Them and Pretty Humanoid Penile / Mucoid-Membrane Interface Update….

That’s why we need People! Lesser mortals might figure that the usual triplicate enticements of money, fame and smokin’ pokin’ are at play here…

Cameron would be that goofy Diaz creature who was so lovely in “The Mask” but suffered so many internal tapeworms she will compete with Courtney Cox for a nomination in “The best performance by a prominent sternum bone” in the 04 People’s Choice Award.

Damn, that’s funny. Thank you, James. I needed that.

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