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Seems an off-duty Australian police officer was taking a flight out of Melbourne, Australia and while sitting in his seat he discovered that he had some ammunition in his possession. No gun, mind you, just some ammo. The story is not very helpful, since it refers to his “revolver” but later mentions a “magazine,” so I don’t know if he was wearing a speedloader, had a couple of rounds in his pocket, or actually had a loaded magazine for a pistol in his possession, but no matter.


Plane evacuated after passenger realised he had bullets

A Christchurch-bound aircraft was evacuated after a passenger realised he was carrying a full magazine of ammunition.

The off-duty policeman got through all security procedures at Melbourne’s Tulamarine Airport and was in his seat on the Qantas 737 preparing for take-off when he discovered that while he had left his revolver at home he still had the bullets.

After telling a stunned attendant of his mistake he and all the other passengers were immediately taken from the plane, returned to the terminal and scanned again before being allowed to reboard.

The incident happened earlier this week.

A Qantas media spokesman said the incident appeared to be an isolated one, but his company was concerned.

“The security screening at Tulamarine lies with the Melbourne airport authorities and the fact that this man was able to get the magazine through unnoticed is a problem they will have to sort out,” Simon Rushton said.

He said the off-duty Victorian policeman was allowed to continue flying on Tuesday after handing over the bullets.

Politicians in Australia are calling for security to be boosted as a result of the incident.

What do they suggest? Full body-cavity searches?

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